Art appraisals are key components to safeguarding your art and Integrated Art Services (IAS), owned by Linda Matthews, is committed to being part of the team that helps you protect your art investments. We offer Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant appraisal reports for insurance coverage, charitable donations and estate planning.
15 years of gallery ownership gives Linda insight to the specific issues faced by collectors. She has worked alongside insurance companies and estate lawyers to facilitate proper care for hundreds of pieces of artwork. She has appraised art in private and corporate collections.
Her accredited membership in the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) provides professional support through continuing education, seminars and colleague associations. Linda's appraisal reports are written to the ISA report standards and are compliant with the most current USPAP requirements and IRS guidelines.
Over the years Linda, and her husband, Lawrence, have owned art galleries and have been actively involved with the Santa Fe community focusing on fundraising for the Santa Fe Youth Shelter.  Matthews Gallery is a long-time supporter of ArtSmart and a member of the Santa Fe Gallery Association. Linda also helps the Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary raise money during the annual art sale.
- Accredited Member, International Society of Appraisers
John R., CO-"We recently moved from Massachusetts to Colorado.  During the course of the move, an antique impressionist European painting I inherited from my grandparents, was stolen.  I only had a few photos that captured the painting and little other documentation about its provenance and needed an appraisal for the insurance claim.  I immediately called Matthews Gallery as I knew they were dealers in and knowledgeable of fine art.  Linda Matthews was incredibly helpful in assessing the painting and its value.  She thoroughly researched our missing painting and produced a well documented appraisal complete with comparables.  What a professional.  Thank you Linda Matthews!
Judy and David N., CA & NM -"We can’t say enough about the professional service provided us by Linda Matthews in the appraising and documentation of all our art. As art collectors, we find her appraisal to be an invaluable service.
We have homes in Santa Barbara, CA and in Santa Fe, NM, as well as offices in both cities. Linda’s professional documentation of all of our art as well as the diligent research she did in gaining updated appraised values is something we simply could not do on our own. She traveled to each location, she provided us not only with a hard copy, including color photographs of the all our art and its location, but also with a flash drive containing that information. Linda also keeps a copy of the appraisal so that it exists in these locations.
Additionally she was able to direct us to art insurers, which is an essential part of this whole process.
With the recent historic fire and mudslides in Santa Barbara in 2017-18 we had great peace of mind
knowing that we had thorough documentation of all our art and that it was separately insured. While
we didn’t lose anything during these tragic events we can’t say enough about working with Linda on
this important project.
The bottom line is, it’s an invaluable service she provides and she does it well."


M. PIcard, "Untitled (Still Life)", 1922, Oil on Canvas

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